Psykospirituell metal-poesi

Ekstrem metalmusikk forbindes vanligvis ikke med tema som psykologi, spiritualitet og miljøvern. Likevel finnes det noen kjente metalband med tekster som omhandler nevnte områder.

I denne korte artikkelen presenteres noen eksempler på ekstreme metalband som i vesentlig omfang har psykospirituelle tekster.

Lykathea Aflame

Dette obskure tjekkiske bandet har vært inaktive siden debuten i 2001, men har fått kultstatus blant en del musikknerder. Albumet deres kombinerer hyperaggressiv death metal og «grindcore» med svært positive tekster om spirituell frigjøring – som den totale motsetning til musikken.

Lykathea Aflame er et tsjekkisk band.


Land Where Sympathy is Air

I am searching for the land where I will fall on my knees
and will be weeping for a long time
Where my mind shall extend on the sky
and my heart shall speak the language of the trees
and open like a water-lily
by touches of morning sun…

To Become Shelter and Salvation

I weep for the pain I have ever caused you even I know
it is the teacher leading us towards the light.
Learn to read from the eyes – they are the open gates to heart.

The waves of so magnificent loveful energy are flowing through and among
my fingers and my body is bathing in that purifying bath.

I wish to become shelter and salvation…


Det franske bandet Gojira fikk sitt gjennombrudd i 2005 med albumet From Mars to Sirius og er i dag et av de største metalbandene internasjonalt. De er et progressivt band med bakgrunn i death metal og «post-hardcore». De fleste av tekstene omhandler temaene psykospirituelt arbeid samt miljøvern. Bandet har blant annet vært aktive i kampen mot hvalfangst og involvert seg i tiltak mot plastforsøplingen av havet.

Her er et tekstutdrag:


Jealously will crush you to the bones
Unless you open up and let it go
I’ve only seen too much of it
I’m bursting open while you set the tone

You ignored this fury too long, I explode
Bring back to life this anger, let it grow
Put aside mind traps and false beliefs
These heavy weights created pull you down

The mask you wear is falling
Try on and watch it fall
Hands down you feel the moment
Releasing out a lifetime


Det polske Death Metal-bandet Vader ble dannet i 1983. De siste 20 årene har en del av tekstene deres omhandlet psykospirituell transformasjon.


I Shall Prevail

Resistance of matter, mind and time
Hardness of custom, code and law
Stifling curtains of the past
The realm of inertia sprawling around

I shall prevail
By any means necessary
I shall attain
By any means

Constriction of language in me
Dominance of whimper over bang
Tyranny of habit and fear
The yoke of the future on me


Meaning can only come from the individual
In the moments of divine clairvoyance and intensification of Being
The utterance of the word which ripples through the fabric of the world
And gives insight and strength to those who want to become

Fra en konsert Vader spilte i Rostock, Tyskland i 2011.

Killswitch Engage

Det amerikanske Metalcore-bandet Killswitch Engage var et av de viktigste metalbandene på 2000-tallet. Musikalsk har de hentet inspirasjon fra hardcore punk i kombinasjon med groove metal, death metal, alternativ rock og den såkalte melodiøse death metalen fra Gøteborg i Sverige.

Tekstene handler stort sett om psykospirituell oppvåkning.


My Last Serenade

This revelation is the death of ignorance
Tangled in a state of suffocation
Slave to self-righteousness
Damnation is on your lips
From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution,
From sorrow to serenity, it’s on your head

This is my last serenade
I feel you as you fall away
This is my last serenade
From yourself you can’t run away

It’s your choice, point the finger
But it’s on your head
Your destination is a choice within yourself
Will you rise or become a slave
To self-righteousness
Open up your heart and gaze within

Rise Inside

Rise inside (free your mind)
Raise your fist (to signify)
We stand in defiance of hatred and deception
If I stand alone I will fight for you

The time has come to make a difference
Why have we forsaken love
The time has come to raise our voices
So rise up and fight with me

Hatred is a weakness
You become the victim
I believe love will overcome
Time has come to make a difference
Why have we forsaken one another
Time has come to raise our voices
So rise up and fight with me